The world’s most exclusive pencil
    with diamonds in a white gold extender

    Paying homage to the cult object of poets and scholars there followed a luxury version of this little gem in 2001 to mark the company’s 240th anniversary. In terms of materials and exclusiveness, the new pencil beat all records. Both extender and the end piece are made of 18-carat white gold. Underneath the count's coat-of-arms at the cap three diamonds symbolize the third millennium.
    The world’s most exclusive pencil is somewhat larger than the standard version, and appeared in a limited edition of only 99 pieces world-wide.

    PERFECT PENCIL 1761-2001


    Perfect Pencil Limited Edition Whitegold, #115570

    Price $ 10,000.00

    PERFECT PENCIL A perfect object combines all essential elements within it. For a pencil, this means the three functions: writing, correcting and sharpening. They form an ideal unity in the “perfect pencil”, which has a timeless design that surprises and impresses the beholder. The sharpener is built into the pencil extender, which protects it and makes it suitable for the pocket. The cap conceals a replaceable eraser. Everything is combined in a very small space and is within easy reach.


    The magnum format cap in solid white gold (18 carat) is crowned with three fine-quality diamonds. Their size is 0.05 to 0.06, and they are of unusual brilliance. The spring-loaded clip is also made of solid gold.