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    The Graf von Faber-Castell collection has carved out a special position for itself with connoisseurs of fine writing culture due to its meticulous craftsmanship and carefully chosen materials. The high point of the collection has been the sumptuous Pen of the Year edition since 2003. The exclusive writing instruments are limited editions, elaborately showcasing fine materials. These elegant productions are inspired by the historic works of major designers and personalities. The new Pen of the Year edition focuses on these “pillars of history” and the fascination that they engender to this very day.

    Handcrafted to perfection


    PEN OF THE YEAR 2016

    Schloß Schönbrunn Vienna

    Black, masterly-painted lacquer panels placed in panelling made from flamed maple and set with a gilded frame have adorned the Vieux-Laque Room in Schönbrunn Palace since 1770. Here you will find a special expression of the deep love between Maria Theresa and Francis Stephen in craftsmanship perfected over thousands of years – lacquer art. This story is the inspiration for the Pen of the Year, available in both a gold-plated and platinum-plated version. We were very pleased to have acquired true artists of their craft for the design work of the “Pen of the Year 2016”: the conservator of the Vieux-Laque Room Silvia Miklin and the Japanese artist Tomizo Saratani who specialises in the Maki-e technique. For the Special Limited Edition we have developed a motif that is divided into three parts, yet comes together to make a whole. During the most time consuming phases, each of the three plates is first painted black, then polished and burnt several times by hand. Then the artist lovingly draws the motif on the lacquer and sprinkles the still wet drawing several times with 24-carat gold powder in different tints. This results in a relief that can still be perceived through additional protective lacquer works. The platinum-plated variant of the “Pen of the Year 2016” is also inspired by the design of the Vieux-Laque Room in a unique way. Hand-ground plates made from deep black onyx are set in elaborately created, platinum-plated frames and contrast with individually grained flamed maple in a fascinating manner.
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