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Our series “Tamitio” shows how the culture of writing can be enriched with extraordinary nu-ances. Each of the slender writing instruments is the expression of pure elegance and therefore both an eye-catcher and stylish accessory. The finely fluted barrel made of metal is lacquered in several elaborate working steps. An innovative lacquer ensures a long-lasting matt surface.
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Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Ballpoint pen Tamitio Marsala
Ballpoint pen Tamitio Marsala
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Finewriter Tamitio Marsala
Finewriter Tamitio Marsala
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Rollerball pen Tamitio Marsala
Rollerball pen Tamitio Marsala
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Propelling pencil Tamitio Marsala
Propelling pencil Tamitio Marsala